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In Oracle Cloud terminology, “Classic” refers to the generation 1 cloud. OCI refers to the generation 2 cloud, which introduced Bare Metal and off-box virtualization for example.

OCI and OCI Classic has different data centers (regions). There are some Classic PaaS services that can be deployed on OCI regions, but those are still managed with the gen1 PSM (PaaS Service Manager Tool), so they also have a different UI compared to OCI services.

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Oracle has been made the announcement about free certification exams until May 15. Its mean you will not pay nothing to get certifications

So Which Oracle Cloud Infrastructure certification exams are included in this offer?

The following Oracle Cloud Infrastructure exams are available for free until May 15, 2020:

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I had session at Oracle Modern Cloud Day at 12 Now 2019 at 15:30 Pm in Turkey. We were talking about Oracle Cloud and Cloud technologies.

Many thanks for attendees who joined my presentation. All agenda can be found at  Oracle Cloud Day link