I face with that error message while I was making 12c installation on Solaris machine. The Screen shoot is:


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The X$ tables are owned by the SYS database user and are read-only, which is why they are referred to as fixed tables and the V$ views are referred to as fixed views. This statement might be a juicy invitation for you to try to verify this read-only property. Any attempt to alter these tables with a DDL or DML statement is met with an ORA-02030 error.

Only SYS can query the X$ tables, they cannot be granted.  However, you can create view on them and grant the view.
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One of our Prod database backup ended by  below errors:

RMAN-06207: WARNING: 1 objects could not be deleted for DISK channel(s) due
RMAN-06208: to mismatched status. Use CROSSCHECK command to fix status
RMAN-06210: List of Mismatched objects
RMAN-06211: ==========================
RMAN-06212: Object Type Filename/Handle
RMAN-06213: --------------- ---------------------------------------------------
RMAN-06214: Datafile Copy +DATA/DB_NAME/DATAFILE/XXX_TS.319.962390011

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Merhaba Arkadaşlar,

Bildiğiniz gibi blog’um içerisinde türkçe paylaşım yok denecek kadar az. Bugün sizlerle Yusuf Şimşek’in geliştirdiği  Ön Muhasebe Programı hakkında paylaşım yapmak istiyorum.

Yusuf Bey, Şirketiniz için rahatlıkla kullanabileceğiniz kolay,  kullanıcı dostu arayüze sahip,  güzel hazırlanmış ve tasarlanmış program raporları vasıtasıyla, Şirketinizi ön muhasebenizi kolaylıkla tutmanızı sağlayan güzel bir ürün geliştirmiş. Kendisini tebrik ediyorum.

Programın demosunu indirebilir, gerekli desteği ve demo ayrıtınlarına  bu linke  tıklayarak erişebilirsiniz.

Programın işlevselliğinden ve Yusuf Bey’in yaklaşımından son derece memnun kaldığım için bu postu sizlere paylaşmak istedim.

I hit with that error message during the export&import process on 12c database on Linux

While I am checking import log, I noticed below error message:

ORA-13249: Error in R-tree: [mdrcrtscrt]
ORA-13231: failed to create index table [MY_OBJECT$] during R-tree creation
ORA-39083: Object type INDEX:"MY_SCHEMA"."GI_LOCATION_1" failed to create with error:
ORA-29855: error occurred in the execution of ODCIINDEXCREATE routine
ORA-13249: internal error in Spatial index: [mdidxrbd]
ORA-13249: Error in Spatial index: index build failed

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One of our Prod systems is running on Windows server. While I am trying to connect database as sysdba user it throws A-01031: insufficient privileges

C:\Windows\>sqlplus “/ as sysdba”

SQL*Plus: Release Production on Mon Apr 27 13:15:06 2018

ORA-01031: insufficient privileges

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I faced this issue while working with preparing standby database with E-Business Suite R12.1 with 11gR2-RAC on ASM

I have E-Business Suite R12.1.2 with RAC database which is working on ASM

I needed to create standby server. I followed below command on the primary database to can create RMAN backup for can create standalone standby database.

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I face wiht this error while i try to move one of my file system to my ASM

I have  database which is working on 12c ASM

I needed to copy one file from file system to asm. Here is the my steps:

[oracle@prod]</tmp> asmcmd -p

ASMCMD [+] > ls

ASMCMD [+] > cd oradata
ASMCMD [+oradata] > ls

ASMCMD [+oradata] > cp /tmp/thread_1_seq_148.268.755819361 +ORADATA/thread_1_seq_148.268.755819361

copying /tmp/thread_1_seq_148.268.755819361 -> +ORADATA/thread_1_seq_148.268.755819361
ASMCMD-08016: copy source->’/tmp/thread_1_seq_148.268.755819361′ and target->’+ORADATA/thread_1_seq_148.268.755819361′ failed
ORA-19505: failed to identify file “+ORADATA/thread_1_seq_148.268.755819361”
ORA-17502: ksfdcre:4 Failed to create file +ORADATA/thread_1_seq_148.268.755819361
ORA-15046: ASM file name ‘+ORADATA/thread_1_seq_148.268.755819361’ is not in single-file creation form
ORA-06512: at “SYS.X$DBMS_DISKGROUP”, line 397
ORA-06512: at line 3 (DBD ERROR: OCIStmtExecute)
The cp command failed because the ASM file name was not in a form that can be used to create an single file.File name should not contain the file number/incarnation

Here is the solution:

ASMCMD [+oradata] > cp /tmp/thread_1_seq_148.268.755819361 +ORADATA/thread_1_seq_148

ASMCMD cp command fails with ORA-15046 [ID 452158.1]

I have dataguard configuration such as,2 node RAC( on Aix 7.1 as primary, standalone standby database.

I noticed that Primary can transport archive log to standby but standby cannot apply archive log and giving errors at standby alert.log such as:

MRP0: Background Media Recovery terminated with error 1111 and MRP0: Background Media Recovery process shutdown (PROD00DG)

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As you know sometimes we need to change CPU count dynamically on our prod systems.

Our Unix team change our 2 node RAC system ( version) server’s CPU from 20 to 30 on AIX 7.1

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