For some reason, We need to compare between Test Schema objects with Prod Schema objects to can see a difference.

Its possible to do that by using am going to share one document which is using TOAD program for this purpose.

I hope you enjoy it.

How to Generate A Schema Script to Compare with Another Schema


You can hit ORA-00054: resource busy and acquire with NOWAIT specified error during some of your operations on your database such as alter some objects.

The main reason for this error is Table Level Locks(TM lock). The transaction holds two locks (Row Locks(TX) and Table Locks(TM) when the session opens. So What are those locks?

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This good news published in this link  Oracle database appliance (aka ODA) is one of the best appliance machines. ODA is already certified by 11g-12c EE and SE versions.

By this certification, the Hybrid Columnar Compression (HCC) functionality will be made available starting with the Database 18c release.

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I have this error while I try to start my listener on R12 instance whit 10g database.

While I try to start listener for my production, I have an error such as

TNS-12547: TNS:lost contact
TNS-12560: TNS:protocol adapter error
TNS-00517: Lost contact
Linux Error: 32: Broken pipe

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As you know We already on 18c version, but I still see some questions which are related performance issues and how We can use Statpack reports.

Its available since  Oracle 8i, I want to share some Metalink documents which covers what is Statspack report, How We can install&run and read it, Purpose of usage Statspack reports

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I hit this error while running the catupgrd.sql script during 10gR2 32 bit to 10G 64 bit on Windows Operating System.

I was moving my database from windows 2003-32 bit to windows2008-64 bit. As a mention, My source DB version is and my target server database version is which is certified with the win2008-64 bit.

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I face this error message while I try to move my archive logs from one mount point to other and register my archive logs to Oracle 11gR1 database( on OEL 5.5 x-86-64.

I had some space problem and I need to move my archive logs from mount point /u01 to /u02. After the copy process, my archive logs manually from /u01 to /u02. I try to register them to my Oracle11gR1 database ( as follow:

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As you know, We use the export utility for many cases. I faced with that error on DB on AIX 6.1 system.

During export an error message EXP-113 is raised:
EXP-00113: Feature New Composite Partitioning Method is unsupported. Table MYTABLE could not be exported
But the export would still complete and also there are some addition error messages are raised:
EXP-00006: internal inconsistency error
EXP-00000: Export terminated unsuccessfully

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The Oracle Database Security Assessment Tool (DBSAT) analyzes database configurations and it tells us uncovers security risks and improves the security posture of Oracle Databases.

Its very easy to use that tool. We can use DBSAT to implement and enforce security practices in our Oracle databases. DBSAT generate reports which We can easly find what happen in our databases, such as:

– state of user accounts,
– role and privilege grants,

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As you know, 18c come into our lives. Many people asking about DBA job will die or We should choose the dba path for our carriers. This subject is one other blog post topic

I only want to say, I believe that If data exists than DBA or some other title will be available in IT sector.

So is 18c is available on-premise? The answer is no. So then when it will be available?

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