RMAN List backup is a useful command to list the backup taken in the system. It shows all the details about the backup taken, what time it was taken, location of the backup.

Let us see our commands:

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I faced with that error on one of our database.

We got ora-600 error on our alert.log. After investigate issue we have found our error is matches unpublished Bug 5368945 – ORA-00600: [KDSGRP1] ON XQUERY

A common situation hitting this bug is when using XDB/XML queries (XQUERY/SQLX) as IOT’s can be involved.

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We are not Unix admin but we have to know some basic commands as a dba. In this post i try to share some of most usefully command for Unix based system.

Here is the some usage and examples

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I wanted to share latest update&details for current database support&end of life.
Short information can be found below. For more details you can check this link

The bug fixing has been ended for Oracle on Nov 20, 2020. For is running on the limited Error Correction from Dec 1, 2020 through March 31, 2022. (PS: Limited Error Correction means you can open Sev 1 Sr and follow Security Updates only)

You need to 19c version which that gives you a long term support, as the full span of bug fixing support until 31-APR-2024. THis version have Extended Support until 31-Apr-2027. Premier Support (PS) ends April 30, 2024 and you need to pay Extended Support (ES) fees beginning May 01, 2024 through April 30, 2027.

For fully details available at
Release Schedule of Current Database Releases (Doc ID 742060.1)

This is the most common question for beginners or all of us. Database is living system, every second it has doing something. As a dba we need to check some informations to keep our db up and work 7×24 without any problems.

Here is the simple task lists

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I faced this issue on 19c grid installation on linux 7. Our first steps is complete grid installation by using software only option.

That steps do not give any errors. But Grid background process such as ora.evmd,ora.cssd do not work.

Also srvctl command is not running.

So what we need? Here is the steps:

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If your linux server do not have internet access it could be very hard to install some rpms on your operating system.

If you have cdrom and iso image than you can create your own Repo by using your linux iso.

Here is the steps:

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This issue often occurs in a Oracle database 12c&onward installation or restore operation. The error stated that multitenant container database not set up properly, which means we have to set the enable_pluggable_database to True while on restore steps.

To fix this, connect to your Oracle Database using the sysdba user:

sqlplus / as sysdba

startup nomount

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There arethe some example of stop/start/add/relocate SCAN Listener command.

Here is example:

Example: srvctl add scan_listener -l SCAN_LISTENER4
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If you are using Autonomous Database on Oracle Cloud services you may need to import your on prime database’s data using some methods to cloud.  

Oracle Data Pump (AKA expdp, impdp) is one of the recommended way to move your existing schemas or data to migrate  Autonomous Database on cloud.

There are many useful parameters can be use during migration such as parallelism, encryption etc. Do not forget those parameters performance related with your server sources.

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