I got email from one of our customer. He says they have been changed their SMS system and they want to use https. But when they try to get select query return with below error message

ORA-29273: HTTP request failed
ORA-06512: at "SYS.UTL_HTTP", line 1572
ORA-29024: Certificate validation failure
ORA-06512: at line 1

I tried below query and get same error:

Select utl_http.request('https://smsservice.tuzla.bel.tr/SmsProxy.asmx') from dual;

After I investigate error I found Tim’s blog post. You can click here to get more details about his post.

What I do? Here are my steps:

In Oracle Cloud terminology, “Classic” refers to the generation 1 cloud. OCI refers to the generation 2 cloud, which introduced Bare Metal and off-box virtualization for example.

OCI and OCI Classic has different data centers (regions). There are some Classic PaaS services that can be deployed on OCI regions, but those are still managed with the gen1 PSM (PaaS Service Manager Tool), so they also have a different UI compared to OCI services.

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Oracle has been made the announcement about free certification exams until May 15. Its mean you will not pay nothing to get certifications

So Which Oracle Cloud Infrastructure certification exams are included in this offer?

The following Oracle Cloud Infrastructure exams are available for free until May 15, 2020:

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In my previous post I shared some command which are related to get information RMAN backups. You can find this post in this link

In this post I try to give more details and examples for to get information about our RMAN backups

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Yo may need to change your existing IP or hostname after installation for your setup

In this case I need to change my current IP to another on my standalone GI.

Operation System –> AIX 7.1
Oracle GI Version –>

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It is easy for all to make 1 row update or 1000 row update in database. Kust write code than wait some second and finally get xxx row updated.

It seems very easy right? But Let us see what happen when you update some rows at database.

I assume that We are updating or selecting data from one table in oracle database.

Let us see what is happening internally?

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In daily IT process, There are many possible causes of a block corruption including:

– Bad IO hardware / firmware
– OS problems
– Oracle problems
– Recovering through “UNRECOVERABLE” or “NOLOGGING” database actions (in which case ORA-01578&ORA-01110 is expected behavior)

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I face with that error message while I tried to drop column on my compressed tables which in exists in my Exadata.

Bad news is, there is no solution in 10g release. But there are some workaround options available for can pass this error.

What are those options? These are:

  • Upgrade your db to 11gR2
  • Can keep unused columns on tables
  • You may recreate table
  • Do not to use compress options

For 11g and forward database version, you can follow my demo:

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Most of us face with similar issue on our SQL which are running on our databases. Sometimes some SQL could choose different plan and performance goes to worst. Normally with correct plan SQL took 5 min, but with wrong plan choose it took 20 minutes. In this article I am trying to explain how we can set execution plan for sql. Before start I can say there are some problem on 10g level such as even We set plan ,sql could use different plan. We have been opened SR for this issue and finally Support suggest us to use MOS 445126.1 for 10g. You can try below steps for 11g and also 10g .

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