How to Import Your Data to Autonomous Cloud Database

If you are using Autonomous Database on Oracle Cloud services you may need to import your on prime database’s data using some methods to cloud.  

Oracle Data Pump (AKA expdp, impdp) is one of the recommended way to move your existing schemas or data to migrate  Autonomous Database on cloud.

There are many useful parameters can be use during migration such as parallelism, encryption etc. Do not forget those parameters performance related with your server sources.

In this example we will migrate my schema GUNES which is running on my on-premise database to Oracle Cloud Database

1. Here is our export syntax:

expdp parallel=8 schemas=GUNES dumpfile=export_GUNES%u.dmp directory=my_dir

2. Create&Store your  COS(Cloud Object Storage) credential by using below syntax


3. You need to set credential as a default credential for your Autonomous Database.


4. Time to Run IMPDP, and set the default_credential keyword.

impdp admin/********@DB_NAME_HERE directory=my_dir dumpfile=default_credential:https://xxxxx/export_GUNES%u.dmp parallel=8 transform=segment_attributes:n logfile=import_GUNES.log


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