There arethe some example of stop/start/add/relocate SCAN Listener command.

Here is example:

Example: srvctl add scan_listener -l SCAN_LISTENER4

To Remove Scan Listener

Example: srvctl remove scan_listener -f

To Start Scan Listener

Command: srvctl start scan_listener [-n node_name] [-i ordinal_number]
Example: srvctl start scan_listener -n lnxrac1 -i 1

To Stop Scan Listener

Command: srvctl stop scan_listener [-i ordinal_number] [-f]
Example: srvctl stop scan_listener -i 3   

To check the status of Scan Listner

Command: srvctl status scan_listener [-i ordinal_number]
Example: srvctl status scan_listener -i 1

To Enable Scan Listener

Command: srvctl enable scan_listener [-i ordinal_number]
Example: srvctl enable scan_listener -i 2

To Disable Scan Listener

Command: srvctl disable scan_listener [-i ordinal_number]
Example: srvctl disable scan_listener -i 1

To Configure Scan Listener

Command: srvctl config scan_listener [-i ordinal_number]
Example: srvctl config scan_listener -i 3

To Modify Scan Listener

Example: srvctl modify scan_listener -u -p TCP:1521

To relocate Scan Listener

Command: srvctl relocate scan_listener -i ordinal_number [-n node_name]
Example: srvctl relocate scan_listener -i 1 -n lnxrac2