We started to heard about Oracle Autonomous Database since 2018. Now Autonomous Database concept is being asked me many times during 2021-2022 from our customers.

Today i want to talk about what Oracle Autonomous Database will bring new thing to our life?

Firs is first, What is Autonomous Database? Why we need it? What is the Unique functions? Why we choose it? Let us find out those question’s answers.

Oracle Autonomous Databas is a fully managed cloud service. It is a combination of Exadata infrastructure automation, Oracle Database 19c automation, and automated data center operations and machine learning.

An autonomous database is a cloud database that uses ML to automate database optimization, security, backup, updates, and other routine administrative tasks traditionally performed by database administrators. Unlike traditional databases, autonomous databases perform all of these tasks but do not require human intervention.

So what dba will do? We will be retired? Of course no but we have to evolve, we have to change our routine. Performance tunning, migration process, data security will be more important than before. So we need to learn or focus more specific area.

We can manage data already, but we have to involve into data more than before.

So what is Unique functions of Oracle’s Autonomous Database?

Here are the some functions:
• Comprehensive data management that supports both structured and unstructured data as well as mixed workloads such as OLTP (online transaction processing) and analytics.

• Unmatched performance of database workloads that can be deployed to the Oracle Database Exadata Cloud Service for exceptional performance – ideal for Big Data and Internet of Things applications.

• If you move your application to the cloud, you can easily migrate your application without code changes, which saves investment and costly recoding costs.

• Familiar management tools that provide full visibility of software, database, and applications.

• Industry-leading innovations such as portable plug-in databases, in-memory technology for performance, and systems optimized for mission-critical workloads.

• Deployment options for migrating workloads between private cloud, Oracle public cloud, and Oracle cloud in hybrid customer environments with the same products, architecture, and capabilities in all environments.

• Excellent protection through comprehensive security from Oracle. Keep your information and Oracle Data safe, including encrypting data at rest and in transit.

• Autonomous operations, including patching, updating, and optimizing. All routine database maintenance tasks are performed while the database management system is running and do not require human intervention.