Oracle Applications ( Installation on Oracle Solaris 10 (SPARC)

In this article i will try to explain step by step Oracle Application installation R11.5.10.2  on Oracle Solaris 10(SPARC)

A. Before start installation:

1.The installation size of Oracle E-Business Suite R11 is:

  • 57 GB for a fresh install with a production database:

Application tier file system – 26 GB
Database tier file system – 31 GB

  • 91 GB for a fresh install with a Vision Demo database.

Application tier file system – 26 GB
Database tier file system – 65 GB

3. Create stage area folder:

You need to setups file for can make Oracle E-Business Suite R11 installation. You can use site for can download Oracle E-Business Suite the lastest version.

PS: It’s not avaliable to download Oracle E-Business Suite R11 setup file from for a now. If you need setups file please log a SR(service request) or please contact with your local office)

You can create stage folder by following:

Oracle E-Business Suite R11 installation manualPage 1-14 Setting Up the Stage Area


Put all the files under one directory (i.e. /data/R11stage), and extract all the files under the same directory and give it 777 permission For instance:

[root@test]# mkdir /data/R11Stage

[root@test]# chown –R 777 /data/R11Stage

[root@test]#  cd /data/R11Stage

For  Start Here DVD create below:

mkdir startCD

For APPL_TOP DVD create below:

mkdir oraApps

For RDBMS DVD create below:

mkdir oraDB

For Tools DVD create below:

mkdir oraiAS

For Databases DVD create below:

mkdir oraAppDB

Before start to  installation, i strongly suggest check below:

MD5 Checksums for 11i10.2 Rapid Install Media [ID 316843.1] note for can observe you have any problem wiht your stage or not(Corrupted zip etc)

For related  requiriments(tools&rmp etc) please follow below:

Installing Oracle Applications: A Guide to Using Rapid Install

B. Installation steps preparings:

1. Your operating system must have J2SE Solaris Recommended Patch Cluster, dated 7/05/05 or later Operating system patch

2. Edit Host file:

The /etc/hosts file must contain a fully qualified name for the server:

<IP-address>  <fully-qualified-machine-name>  <machine-name>


[root@test]# more /etc/hosts       localhost.localdomain   localhost

Open your hosts file wiht editor(I will use vi editor in this article),put your info in this file and save it. In this article my localhost will be test, my localdomain will be

PS: If you are using standalone server or pc you can give use any domain name you want. But if your server or pc on any domain you must use localdomain.

[root@test]# vi  /etc/hosts       localhost.localdomain   localhost

10.100.x.x  test

3. Generic Requirements:

Give all users in a multi-user installation write privileges to the .oracle directory:

[root@test]# chmod 777 /var/tmp/.oracle

X Display Server
Set umask 022 :
Set ‘ulimit’ Parameters as ‘unlimited’ : (Using Korn Shell)

The following command will display the current ulimit settings :

$ ulimit -a

time(seconds) : unlimited
file(blocks) : unlimited
data(kbytes) : 131072
stack(kbytes) : 2048
memory(kbytes): 216272
coredump(blocks) : unlimited
nofiles(descriptors) : 4096
vmemory(kbytes) : 1048576

Set all of them as unlimited as follows :

ulimit -t unlimited
ulimit -f unlimited
ulimit -d unlimited
ulimit -s unlimited
ulimit -m unlimited
ulimit -c unlimited
ulimit -n unlimited
ulimit -v unlimited

Check that the PATH is set correctly using Note 186207.1

Make sure /usr/ccs/bin, /usr/bin and /bin appear in the $PATH before /usr/ucb.
The ‘tr’ should be coming from the /usr/bin directory instead of /usr/ucb.

If that is the case, modify your $PATH as follows :

4. Create user and group for installation

[root@test]# groupadd dba

[root@test]# useradd –g dba  –d  /home/appltest appltest

[root@test]#useradd –g dba  -d /home /oratest oratest

We will use appltest to can manage Application Tier and we will use oratest for can manage Database Tier. Our installation folder will be TEST,also our SID will be TEST.

5. Create folder for Oracle E-Business Suite R11 installation

Firstly,  i want to show you my mount point size of server

[root@test]# df –h

Filesystem Size Used Avail Use% Mounted
/dev/cciss/c0d0p6 355G 55G 300G 6% /data

As you can see i have 300 GB free space, so i will create my stage folder and my installation folder on this mount point.

[root@test]# cd /data

[root@test data ]#mkdir  TEST

In this article i will make Fresh Installation(Normaly, If i will make DEMO installation, I like to call installation  folder  VIS, if i will make fresh installation(TEST or PROD) i like to call installation folder  TEST or PROD)

Give 777 to installation folder

[root@test]# chmod 777 /data/TEST

Wiht Oracle E-Business Suite R11 installation there are 5 folder comes by default. Those folder:

From application tier:




From db tier:



For example:

If we are going to give SID=TEST in installation, our folder will be:

Applicatio tier:testappl ,testcomn, testora

Database tier: testdata, testdb

Now we have 2 options here.

Option 1:

Create related folder for Application and Database tier(optional)

If we want to put application tier installation folder  together(also database tier instalaltion folder) together we can create 2 subfolders under my main installation folder TEST.

[root@test]# cd /data/TEST

[root@test TEST]# mkdir apps

[root@test TEST]#mkdir db

We must give permisson to our user for can make installation of those folder

[root@test]# chown  –R appltest:dba /data/TEST/apps

[root@test]# chown  –R oratest:dba /data/TEST/db

Option two:

Just create TEST folder and give it 777 and use it for installation and upper folders will be created under this main folder.

[root@test]#cd /Stage11i/startCD/Disk1/rapidwiz/


12. Open your vncviewer from your local machine and follow installation wizard (if you dont have this program please download it from

C. Installation wizard steps:

When you run vncviewer from your local,than you will see below screen,

Bu slayt gösterisi için JavaScript gerekir.


Oracle Applications Installation Update Notes, Release 11i ( [ID 316806.1]

Recommendations to Install Oracle Applications 11i [ID 294932.1]

Installing Oracle Applications: A Guide to Using Rapid Install


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