How To Apply Patches in E-Business Suite

In this article i try to expalin how we can apply patches in our E-Business Suite instance

1. Download the patch from Metalink (You can find all patches under Patches&Updates tab)

2. Copy the patch file to any directory (Let us say  /data/metalink_patches)

3. Stop all application services (If we dont want to close application services, we have hot patch option.For more details please check reference part)

4. For patching database and the database listener  must up and running

5. Run adadmin utility and Enable Maintenance Mode.(When you apply the patch successfully, run adadmin utility again and Disable Maintenance Mode)

6. Login as appluser and source the environment file then unzip file

[root@test ~]# su – appluser

[applvis@test ~]$  . /data/VIS/visappl/APPSORA.env  (If you put this entery to your .bash_profile you can pass this step)

[applvis@test ~]$ cd /data/metalink_patches

[applvis@test ~]$unzip <patch_number>.zip

[applvis@test ~]$cd <patch_number>

[applvis@test <patch_number>]$ adpatch

Filename [adpatch.log] : << dont forget to put here value as <patch_number>.log

When it prompts you to enter the patch driver, type ‘u<patch_number>.drv’


Oracle Applications Patching FAQ [ID 174436.1]

Oracle Applications Patching Procedures

“Oracle Applications Maintenance Utilities” manual


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