In this article i will define steps of “how we can change apps&applsys users password”.

For to can change apps&applsys users password, please follow below steps:

1. Shut down application services wiht script

2. Change password wiht FNDPASS utulity as:

FNDCPASS <logon> 0 Y <system/password> SYSTEM <username> <new_password>


FNDCPASS apps/current_password 0 Y system/password SYSTEM APPLSYS newpassword

3. Dont forget to run autoconfig on dbtier than run it on  appstier wiht new password

4. Start up all application services with

PS: Passwords for APPLSYS and the APPS schemas — including the MRC schema — must be the same. If you change the password for one, FNDCPASS automatically changes the others.


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