Lots of EBS users ask the same question in the OTN forum: How we can Monitor our EBS’s System Health.

Actually, this question already answered in Steven Chan blog, for details please click here

In this post, I want to share some useful articles which cover  EBS’s System Health.

By the way for your System Health you can also check&follow below Metalink notes:

Oracle E-Business Suite Diagnostics Test Catalog for 12.1.1 [ID 783319.1]
Best Practices for Securing the E-Business Suite [ID 189367.1]
E-Business Suite Diagnostics Installation Guide [ID 167000.1]
E-Business Suite Diagnostic Tools FAQ and Troubleshooting Guide for Release 11i and R12 [ID 235307.1]
Applications 11i Health Check After Maintenance [ID  283976.1 ]