You may need to require to relink oracle binaries because of some number of our cases and also We may need to do it because of the solution given by Oracle support.

The following method will relink the Oracle executables.

Unix system



If you are using E-Business Suite login your system as an oramgr user than source env file than go to $ORACLE_HOME/bin  path than run below commands for can relink binaries

$ORACLE_HOME/bin/relink all;

or you can use:

$ORACLE_HOME/bin/relink oracle;


How to Relink Oracle Database Software on UNIX [ID 131321.1]

– If you are on 11gR2 level than I suggest also see below note:

Oracle 11gR2 Relink New Feature [ID 883299.1]

– If you are using RAC than I suggest also see below note:

How to Check Whether Oracle Binary/Instance is RAC Enabled and Relink Oracle Binary in RAC [ID 284785.1]