If you are using RMI connection than possibly this error should be familiar…

We face with that error after  our to upgrade. Some of functions just stopped. Those functions are use RMI connection and return some value from one other database.

After reboot database, function started to run again. After made some research I found the root cause.

Here is the steps;

Complete error is:

Errors in file /XXX/trace/DB_NAME_m000_13318.trc:
ORA-29516: Aurora assertion failure: Assertion failure at joez.c:1635
jom-* object not found on intern-table lookup

In trace file we see:

*** Dumping OJVM call stack 
*** Java stack trace for the active thread 
at oracle.aurora.zephyr.vm.VMClass.isSubtypeOf(VMClass.java:-2) 
at oracle.aurora.zephyr.analysis.OptimizationProfile$IntraProceduralBlockAnalyzer.apply(OptimizationProfile.java:618) 
at oracle.aurora.zephyr.BasicBlock.mapDFS(BasicBlock.java:3552) 
at oracle.aurora.zephyr.analysis.OptimizationProfile.analyzeInstructions(OptimizationProfile.java:558) 
at oracle.aurora.zephyr.analysis.OptimizationProfile.<init>(OptimizationProfile.java:547) 
at oracle.aurora.zephyr.analysis.OptimizationProfile.ensureOptimizationProfile(OptimizationProfile.java:432) 
at oracle.aurora.zephyr.bytecode.ByteCodeToMIR.translateMethod(ByteCodeToMIR.java:1048) 
at oracle.aurora.zephyr.bytecode.ByteCodeToMIR.translateMethod(ByteCodeToMIR.java:4872) 
at oracle.aurora.zephyr.JITDriver.jitMethod(JITDriver.java:130) 
at oracle.aurora.zephyr.JITDriver.jitMethod(JITDriver.java:76) 
at oracle.aurora.vm.OracleRuntime.jitOneMethod(OracleRuntime.java:-2) 
at oracle.aurora.vm.OracleRuntime.jitSomeMethods(OracleRuntime.java:-3) 
*** Dumping machine code for on-stack JIT-compiled methods 
Dumping native code for method oracle/aurora/vm/OracleRuntime.jitSomeMethods:(I)I : 
Platform disassembler unavailable; dumping raw instruction memory 
Code start at: 0x79c00048

So, For investigate issue I have been followed below notes&steps:

1. Script output from below Note to check the status of JVM within Database.
Note.456949.1 Script to Check the Status of the JVM within the Database

2. JIT status from below query :
select name,value from v$parameter where name=’java_jit_enabled’;

For step 1 there is no issue
For step 2 my setting is TRUE which is Operating system-dependent.

Issue with the JVM . The JVM is inside the database.

Once the database is restarted the PGA memory will clear out and hence it starts working.

To prevent this I set this parameter from TRUE to false