About Devart Company Products Part II

In my previous post, I tested dbForge Tools for Oracle side. In this post, I am going to share my thought about dbForge Studio for MySQL product.

The main link is here.

There some product available for Mysql but I can tell dbForge Studio for MySQL is one of the best in all those products. It has many features such as:

– Intelligent SQL Coding
– Database Compare and Sync
– Visual Query Builder
– Database Designer
– Import/Export Data
– Database Backup
– Database Administration

All those features in available in one product which is called dbForge Studio for MySQL

The good thing product support is very good and version of a product is released frequently. You can many things in dbForge Studio for MySQL with a simple friendly interface.

Its really to manage all DB task such as taking a backup, compare code, DB design.

I strongly suggest checking product demo which is available at this link 

Demos are very simple and very usable for learning product interface and commands.

One more Good new is, If you decide to buy this tool or some other you will get %10 discounts.


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