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I have this error while I try to start my listener on R12 instance whit 10g database.

While I try to start listener for my production, I have an error such as

TNS-12547: TNS:lost contact
TNS-12560: TNS:protocol adapter error
TNS-00517: Lost contact
Linux Error: 32: Broken pipe

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Those errors are very common errors. I have this error one of our  EBS r12 instance

While I try to start my listener, I have errors, such as:

[oraprod@oracle]$ lsnrctl start LISTENER

TNS-12541: TNS:no listener
TNS-12560: TNS:protocol adapter error
TNS-00511: No listener
Linux Error: 111: Connection refused

I noticed that I have a missing entry on my /etc/hosts file as:       localhost.localdomain   localhost

After adding this line than I can start & stop listener without any problems.

Similar issue investigated in MOS [ID343295.1]

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