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If you want to use some different reports such as AWR; ASH etc. you may prefer to use the statspack report in Oracle Database.

STATSPACK is a performance diagnosis tool, available since Oracle8i. STATSPACK can be considered BSTAT/ESTAT’s successor, incorporating many new features. STATSPACK is a diagnosis tool for instance-wide performance problems; it also supports application tuning activities by providing data which identifies high-load SQL statements. STATSPACK can be used both proactively to monitor the changing load on a system, and also reactively to investigate a performance problem.

Here are some notes which you can get details about the Statspack report.

How to Identify Resource Intensive SQL for Tuning  Doc ID:232443.1
FAQ- Statspack Complete Reference  Doc ID:94224.1
TROUBLESHOOTING: Possible Causes of Poor SQL Performance    Doc ID:    33089.1

Installing and Configuring StatsPack Package [ID 149113.1]
FAQ- Statspack Complete Reference [ID 94224.1]
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Oracle9i Database Performance Tuning Guide and Reference-Using statspack
How to Identify Resource Intensive SQL for Tuning  Doc ID:232443.1
TROUBLESHOOTING: Possible Causes of Poor SQL Performance Doc ID:33089.1


As you know We already on 18c version, but I still see some questions which are related performance issues and how We can use Statpack reports.

Its available since  Oracle 8i, I want to share some Metalink documents which covers what is Statspack report, How We can install&run and read it, Purpose of usage Statspack reports

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