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This article is about Oracle Statspack. We are going to learn How We can Install and what is Oracle Statspack?

Statspack is a performance tuning tool provided by Oracle with the Oracle9i database distribution. With minimal effort, it can be installed on any Oracle9i database to rapidly gather detailed analysis of the performance of that database instance.

So What is Oracle Statspack?

The Statspack package is a set of SQL, PL/SQL, and SQL*Plus scripts that allow the collection, automation, storage, and viewing of performance data. Statspack stores the performance statistics perennially in Oracle tables, which can later be used for reporting and analysis. The data collected can be analyzed using Statspack reports, which includes an instance health and load summary page, high resource SQL statements, and the traditional wait events and initialization parameters.

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If you want to use some different reports such as AWR; ASH etc. you may prefer to use the statspack report in Oracle Database.

STATSPACK is a performance diagnosis tool, available since Oracle8i. STATSPACK can be considered BSTAT/ESTAT’s successor, incorporating many new features. STATSPACK is a diagnosis tool for instance-wide performance problems; it also supports application tuning activities by providing data which identifies high-load SQL statements. STATSPACK can be used both proactively to monitor the changing load on a system, and also reactively to investigate a performance problem.

Here are some notes which you can get details about the Statspack report.

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How to Identify Resource Intensive SQL for Tuning  Doc ID:232443.1
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As you know We already on 18c version, but I still see some questions which are related performance issues and how We can use Statpack reports.

Its available since  Oracle 8i, I want to share some Metalink documents which covers what is Statspack report, How We can install&run and read it, Purpose of usage Statspack reports

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