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When our developers run their code on Our db( version is,OS AIX 7.1.), they hit ORA-29538&ORA-06512 errors.

Here is the error messages:

ORA-29538:Java not installed
ORA-06512:at_konum “XXX.UNZIPPER_PKG”, line 2
ORA-06512:at “XXX.UNZIPPER_PKG”, line 12
ORA-06512:at “XXX.UNZIP”, line 4

Here is the code samples:

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I face wiht this error while i try to move one of my file system to my ASM

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hit this error to Upgrading from Oracle database 10gR2(It can happens for 10gR1) 32-bit to 10gR2 64-bit, getting the following errors while running catupgrd.sql script

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