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Error starting ORMI-Server. Unable to bind socket: The socket name is already in use.
Thread-1 WARN http: snmehl_connect: connect failed to (node1:xx): A remote host refused an attempted connect operation. (error = 79)

I face with that error on RAC system on AIX 6.1. While I am trying to start dbconsole it fails.

[oracle@node1] emctl start dbconsole
Oracle Enterprise Manager 10g Database Control Release
Copyright (c) 1996, 2007 Oracle Corporation. All rights reserved.
ps: 0509-048 Flag -o was used with invalid list.
ps: Not a recognized flag: –
Usage: ps [-AMNZaedfklm] [-n namelist] [-F Format] [-o specifier[=header],…]
[-p proclist][-G|-g grouplist] [-t termlist] [-U|-u userlist] [-c classlist] [ -T pid] [ -L pidlist ]
[-@ [wparname] ]
Usage: ps [aceglnsuvwxX] [t tty] [processnumber]
Starting Oracle Enterprise Manager 10g Database Control ………………………..
When I checked $ORACLE_HOME/node1_Instance1/sysman/log I noticed 2 error messages at log files:

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