You may hit this error during RAC installation. That can be ignore or can be fix. It depends on you

Error message is:

Network Time Protocol (NTP) – This task verifies cluster time synchronization on clusters that use Network Time Protocol (NTP).
Check Failed on Nodes: [node1] Check Succeeded On Nodes: [node2]
Verification result of failed node: node1 Details:
PRVG-13602 : NTP daemon is not synchronized with any external time source on node “node1″.  – Cause:  The output of the command ”ntpq -pn” executed on the indicated node did not list any external NTP daemon synchronization time source. The values of the tally code and ”refid” columns in the command output reported that the NTP daemon is either not synchronized with any time source or it is synchronized with a locally connected reference clock.  – Action:  Examine the output of the command ”ntpq -pn”. Modify the NTP configuration to use one or more appropriate external time sources, or correct any problems accessing the currently configured external time sources. Rerun the command ”ntpq -pn” to confirm that the NTP daemon running on the indicated node is now synchronized with at least one external time source, and then retry the operation.

My environment is:

  • SELinux is turned off,
  • Firewall off

Try to use below command:

[root@node1 tmp]# ntpstat

Prompts NTP to configure multiple times and rerun installation.