In this post I will explain how We can install and use TFA. Oracle Trace File Analyzer (TFA) provides a number of diagnostic tools in a single bundle, making it easy to gather diagnostic information about the Oracle database and clusterware, which in turn helps with problem resolution when dealing with Oracle Support.

In many case Oracle will some output using this tool for your Service Requests.

First We need to download latest TFA version from Metalink. Please follow TFA Collector – TFA with Database Support Tools Bundle (Doc ID 1513912.1)

root@node1:/gunes# ./ahf_setup

AHF Installer for Platform SunOS Architecture SPARC

AHF Installation Log : /tmp/ahf_install_2253_2019_12_30-10_40_39.log

Starting Autonomous Health Framework (AHF) Installation

AHF Version: 193200 Build Date: 201911251327

TFA is already installed at : /u01/app/

Installed TFA Version : 122120 Build ID : 20170927002523

Default AHF Location : /opt/oracle.ahf

Do you want to change AHF Location (/opt/oracle.ahf) ? Y|[N] : N

AHF Location : /opt/oracle.ahf

AHF Data Directory stores diagnostic collections and metadata.
AHF Data Directory requires at least 5GB (Recommended 10GB) of free space.

Choose Data Directory from below options :

1. /opt/oracle.ahf [Free Space : 27780 MB]
2. Enter a different Location

Choose Option [1 - 2] : 1

AHF Data Directory : /opt/oracle.ahf/data

Shutting down TFA : /u01/app/

Copying TFA Data Files from /u01/app/

Uninstalling TFA : /u01/app/

Do you want to add AHF Notification Email IDs ? [Y]|N : N

Extracting AHF to /opt/oracle.ahf

Configuring TFA Services

Copying TFA Data Files to AHF
File /opt/oracle.ahf/data/node1/tfa/internal/ not found
File /opt/oracle.ahf/data/node1/tfa/internal/timezones_mapping.patch not found

Discovering Nodes and Oracle Resources

Starting TFA Services

| Host | Status of TFA | PID | Port | Version | Build ID |
| node1 | RUNNING | 4656 | 5000 | | 19320020191125132721 |

Running TFA Inventory...

Adding default users to TFA Access list...

| Summary of AHF Configuration |
| Parameter | Value |
| AHF Location | /opt/oracle.ahf |
| TFA Location | /opt/oracle.ahf/tfa |
| Orachk Location | /opt/oracle.ahf/orachk |
| Data Directory | /opt/oracle.ahf/data |
| Repository | /opt/oracle.ahf/data/repository |
| Diag Directory | /opt/oracle.ahf/data/node1/diag |

AHF install completed on node1

AHF will also be installed/upgraded on these Cluster Nodes :

1. node1
2. node2
3. node3

The AHF Location and AHF Data Directory must exist on the above nodes
AHF Location : /opt/oracle.ahf
AHF Data Directory : /opt/oracle.ahf/data

Do you want to install/upgrade AHF on Cluster Nodes ? [Y]|N : n

Not performing install/upgrade on Cluster Nodes

AHF binaries are available in /opt/oracle.ahf/bin

AHF is successfully installed

Moving /tmp/ahf_install_2253_2019_12_30-10_40_39.log to /opt/oracle.ahf/data/node1/diag/ahf/

root@node1:/gunes# cd /opt/oracle.ahf/
root@node1:/opt/oracle.ahf# ls
ahf bin data jre python
analyzer common orachk tfa
root@node1:/opt/oracle.ahf# cd bin/
root@node1:/opt/oracle.ahf/bin# ls
orachk tfactl
root@node1:/opt/oracle.ahf/bin# ./tfactl diagcollect -all -from "Dec/28/2019 15:00:00" -to "Dec/28/2019 17:30:00"
WARNING - TFA Software is older than 180 days. Please consider upgrading TFA to the latest version.
The date entered is invalid, date 'Dec/28/2019 17:30:00' cannot be older than 180 days
root@node1:/opt/oracle.ahf/bin# ^C
root@node1:/opt/oracle.ahf/bin# ./tfactl diagcollect -all -from "dec/28/2019 17:00:00" -to "dec/28/2019 17:40:00"
The -all switch is being deprecated as collection of all components is the default behavior. TFA will continue to collect all components.
Collecting data for all nodes
Scanning files from dec/28/2019 17:00:00 to dec/28/2019 17:40:00

Collection Id : 20191230110402node1

Detailed Logging at : /opt/oracle.ahf/data/repository/collection_Mon_Dec_30_11_04_03_03_2019_node_all/diagcollect_20191230110402_node1.log