Oracle runInstaller fails with [INS-35354] on 18c Grid Infrastructure

While trying to install RAC binary, runInstaller fails with below error:
[INS-35354] The system on which you are attempting to install Oracle RAC is not part of a valid cluster.

Oracle  18c Clusterware has been installed successfully and running without any issue.

After making some search at metalink, I found  MOS Oracle runInstaller fails with [INS-35354] error after Installing Grid Infrastructure (Doc ID 2282456.1)

Here are the details:

Error screen is:

WhatsApp Image 2019-03-29 at 6.28.37 PM

Due to missing node list / information in inventory.xml of central inventory.

Even The CRS flag set to TRUE for GI Home, the node details were missing in central inventory.

<HOME NAME=”OraGI18cHome1″ LOC=”$GRID_HOME” TYPE=”O” IDX=”1″ CRS=”true”/>

The nodelist details are missing in inventory.xml file.

Execute below command:

cd $GRID_HOME/oui/bin/

./runInstaller -silent -updateNodeList ORACLE_HOME=$GRID_HOME “CLUSTER_NODES={<nodename1>,<nodename2>}” CRS=TRUE LOCAL_NODE=<nodename1>

Invoke runInstaller and error not dissapear any more.


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