I faced those errors during startup of my database. Db version is and cluster version is 18c

The complete error message is

[USER(4431)]CRS-2317: Fatal error: cannot get local GPnP security keys (wallet).
2019-03-29 21:50:12.876
[USER(4431)]CRS-2316:Fatal error: cannot initialize GPnP, CLSGPNP_ERR (Generic GPnP error).
kggpnpInit: failed to init gpnp
WARNING: No cluster interconnect has been specified. Depending on
the communication driver configured Oracle cluster traffic
may be directed to the public interface of this machine.
Oracle recommends that RAC clustered databases be configured
with a private interconnect for enhanced security and

If you are not using Clusterware than you can ignore this message. If you are using RAC or Clusterware than You need to check MOS:Pre 12.1 Database Issues in 12c Grid Infrastructure Environment (Doc ID 1568834.1)

In my case workaround is Set database init parameter cluster interconnects such as:

alter system set cluster_interconnects=’YOUR_PRIVIp_ForNode1:YOUR_PRIVIp_ForNode2′ scope=spfile sid=’your_sid’;

Restart db and check your database.