You may with that error message during the export-import process.


Import to a database using IMPDP is erroring out

Db Versions:

Source DB 12.1.x
Target DB 11.2.x


ORA-39001: invalid argument value
ORA-39000: bad dump file specification
ORA-39142: incompatible version number 4.1 in dump file “DUMP_PATH/xxx.dmp”

If you are trying to export-import process with different database version you need to specify version parameter during expdp command.

The VERSION parameter simply allows you to identify the version of the objects being exported. It also defines the dumpfile compatibility.

VERSION={COMPATIBLE | LATEST | version_string}

COMPATIBLE : This is the default value. The version of the metadata corresponds to the database compatibility level. Database compatibility must be set to 9.2 or higher.

LATEST : The version of the metadata corresponds to the database version.

version_string : A specific database version (for example, 11.1.0). In Oracle Database 11g, this value cannot be lower than 9.2.

So what your expdp command will be? Here is the example:

expdp "'/ as sysdba'" schemas=XXX directory=YOUR_DIRECTORY dumpfile=DUMP_NAME.l logfile=LOg_NAME VERSION=11.2

PS: VERSION= (or VERSION=11.2 which means the same).

You can find Overview of Data Pump dumpfile compatibility as below:


Export/Import DataPump Parameter VERSION – Compatibility of Data Pump Between Different Oracle Versions [Video] (Doc ID 553337.1)