I face this error message while I try to move my archive logs from one mount point to other and register my archive logs to Oracle 11gR1 database( on OEL 5.5 x-86-64.

I had some space problem and I need to move my archive logs from mount point /u01 to /u02. After the copy process, my archive logs manually from /u01 to /u02. I try to register them to my Oracle11gR1 database ( as follow:

$sqlplus  “/as sysdba”

SQL> alter database register logfile ‘/xx/archivlog1_973_705508708.dbf’;

This command returns me below error:

alter database register logfile ‘/xx/archivlog1_973_705508708.dbf’;
ERROR at line 1:
ORA-16225: Missing LogMiner session name for Streams

Here is the correct syntax for register archive logs to database:

ALTER DATABASE REGISTER PHYSICAL LOGFILE ‘/xx/archivlog1_973_705508708.dbf’;

Reference: ORA-00604 During Alter Database Register Logfile [ID 469345.1]