As you know, 18c come into our lives. Many people asking about DBA job will die or We should choose the dba path for our carriers. This subject is one other blog post topic

I only want to say, I believe that If data exists than DBA or some other title will be available in IT sector.

So is 18c is available on-premise? The answer is no. So then when it will be available?

We currently have and Oracle 18c is which actually refer Now We will have a different name because of the new yearly release cycle. For details Let us check MOS 742060.1

Here are the details from notes:


As you can see Oracle 18c in the various options avaliable on of the Oracle Cloud. For on-premises We need to wait. So then, what is the latest news?

1-Mar-2018 – 18c released in OCI and OCI-C Database services (note: we earlier indicated in error these were released 16-Feb)
16-Feb-2018 – 18c is released for Exadata and

That mos note update very frequently.  I strongly suggest to check that note periodically.