ora.eons state is OFFLINE

I face this issue on our R12.1.1 with RAC database with ASM

While I was checking the status of my services on RAC  I noticed ora.eons state is offline. There is no any impact this state status on my database and also application during try to solve the issue and working with Oracle support.

Here is the crsstat command output

HA Resource                                                  Target     State
———–                                                              ——     —–
ora.LISTENER.lsnr                                      ONLINE     ONLINE on RAC1
ora.LISTENER_VIS.lsnr                             ONLINE     ONLINE on RAC1
ora.LISTENER_SCAN1.lsnr                        ONLINE     ONLINE on RAC2
ora.ORADATA.dg                                         ONLINE     ONLINE on RAC1
ora.ORADATA_NOODM.dg                         ONLINE     ONLINE on RAC1
ora.ORAFRA.dg                                            ONLINE     ONLINE on RAC1
ora.asm                                                         ONLINE     ONLINE on RAC1
ora.eons                                                        ONLINE     OFFLINE    
ora.gsd                                                           ONLINE     ONLINE on RAC1
ora.RAC1.ASM1.asm                                   ONLINE     ONLINE on RAC1
ora.RAC1.LISTENER_RAC1.lsnr               ONLINE     ONLINE on RAC1
ora.RAC1.gsd                                                  ONLINE     ONLINE on RAC1
ora.RAC1.ons                                                  ONLINE     ONLINE on RAC1
ora.RAC1.vip                                                  ONLINE     ONLINE on RAC1
ora.RAC2.ASM2.asm                                     ONLINE     ONLINE on RAC2
ora.RAC2.LISTENER_RAC2.lsnr                 ONLINE     ONLINE on RAC2
ora.RAC2.LISTENER_VIS_RAC2.lsnr        ONLINE     ONLINE on RAC2
ora.RAC2.gsd                                                  ONLINE     ONLINE on RAC2
ora.RAC2.ons                                                  ONLINE     ONLINE on RAC2
ora.RAC2.vip                                                  ONLINE     ONLINE on RAC2
ora.net1.network                                           ONLINE     ONLINE on RAC1
ora.oc4j                                                             OFFLINE    OFFLINE
ora.ons                                                              ONLINE     ONLINE on RAC1
ora.VIS.db                                                        ONLINE     ONLINE on RAC1
ora.scan1.vip                                                  ONLINE     ONLINE on RAC2

I try to make state online wiht below commands:

/bin/crsctl start res ora.eons << didnt work
srvctl start nodeapps  << didnt work

# ps -ef|grep eons  << doesnt return anything

I rised SR and here is the suggestion from Support:

Found bug 10139319 which suggests the problem could be due to shell limits not set high enough.

Ensure the shell limits are set correctly:

–> 2.10.5 Configuring Shell Limits

I checked and there is no issue with Sheel limit

Oracle support suggest below:

So we do have a few open bugs on showing java.io.EOFException, but no solution yet.
Also be aware that EONS no longer exists in so in case of an upgrade this problem will not be seen anymore.

I solved issue as reebot server. After reebot state has been changed.


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  1. I’ve seen this same situation with I fixed it without a server reboot by running “srvctl start nodeapps”

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