I faced with that issue on db which is running on Exadata machine.

RMAN backup to disk failed with below error messages:

ORA-19809: limit exceeded for recovery files
ORA-19804: cannot reclaim 2144337920 bytes disk space from 3221225472000 limit
RMAN-03009: failure of backup command on t4 channel at time_here

By default RMAN backup goes to Flash Recovery Area if it is set . Whenever there is space pressure, the RDBMS will try to delete obsolete backups in FRA in order to make more space. In case its not able to make more space and required space exceeds the limit of flash recovery area then its fails with those error message.

Its because of the FRA’s space limit. Flash Recovery Area has a defined size when the required space exceed the limit of the FRA those errors are expected.

You can check and to determine the disk quota and current disk usage in the flash recovery area, query the view

Here is the solutions:

– Increase the size of FRA
SQL> alter system set db_recovery_file_dest_size=xxxxG SCOPE=BOTH; — Higher_size

– Take a backup of FRA to tape

By the way sizing the flash recovery area is described in detail in the below notes&MOS:
– RMAN backup to Flash Recovery Area failed with ORA-19809 , ORA-19804 or ORA-19815 (Doc ID 831225.1)
– 10g Database Backup and Recovery Basics guide ( http://download.oracle.com/docs/cd/B19306_01/backup.102/b14192/rpfbdb003.htm#BABJJCHF )
– 11g Backup and Recovery User’s Guide ( http://download.oracle.com/docs/cd/B28359_01/backup.111/b28270/rcmconfb.htm#BRADV89422 )