Welcome to Oracle 12c-good bye Oracle 11g

I remember as yesterday while I heard something about Oracle 11gR1 version has been released.

After many years We worked with Oracle 11gR1 and finally Oracle11gR2… Finally we have new family member since 2013… Oracle 12c..

Before start let us make some brain storm and remember some old information again:

I just made googling and collect some information together.

The first release of Oracle 11g (Oracle 11g Release 1) was released for Linux on 9 August 2007. The Windows port was released on 23 October. Unix versions (Solaris, AIX and HP-UX) were released on 12 November.

The common theme for this release is “Growing the Grid” (focus on Fusion Middleware, RAC and ASM).

Oracle 11gR2 (for Linux 32-bit and 64-bit) was released on 1 September 2009.Oracle 11gR2 is the second and terminal release of the Oracle 11g database. The common theme for this release is “Consolidate. Compress. Control.”.

Oracle 12c version was released on 1 July 2013.The “c” stands for “cloud” to indicate that 12c is “cloud enabled”. It features a new multi-tenant option that will help companies to consolidate databases into private or public clouds.

There are many many post&docs available on internet. For those docs google search can be your best friends. Today or tomorrow you will need to upgrade&install&migrate to this new Oracle Database version.

So, here is the life-cycle of version:


here is the upgrade diagram:oracle_database_matrix

So, What Oracle 12c comes with?  As you can imagine it has lots of futures, Mainly:

* Container databases (CDB) with embedded Pluggable Databases (PDB)
* Automatic Data Optimization (ADO) with heat maps to automate ILM
* In-Database archiving and Temporal Validity
* Unified auditing
* Database privilege analysis to see who uses what privileges
* Data redaction
* Adaptive Query Optimization
* Database Migration Assistant for Unicode (DMU) replaces “csscan” and “csalter”
* Row Limiting Queries
* Increased Size Limit for VARCHAR2, NVARCHAR2, and RAW Data Types
* Online move of data files and partitions

Of course there are many Oracle futures available in that versions. Oracle docs are defines all those new futures under below topics:

– “Advanced Index Compression”
– “Approximate Count Distinct”
– “Attribute Clustering”
– “Automatic Big Table Caching”
– “FDA Support for CDBs”
– “Full Database Caching”
– “In-Memory Aggregation”
– “In-Memory Column Store”
– “JSON Support”
– “New FIPS 140 Parameter for Encryption”
– “PDB File Placement in OMF”
– “PDB Logging Clause”
– “PDB Metadata Clone”
– “PDB Remote Clone”
– “PDB Snapshot Cloning Additional Platform Support”
– “PDB State Management Across CDB Restart”
– “PDB Subset Cloning”
– “Rapid Home Provisioning”
– “Zone Maps”


For all those futures, you can check below docs:



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  1. Nice Blog. Thanks for sharing this Info. Greetings from germany

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