Can’t locate object method “runPipedCmd” via package “ADX::util::Sysutil” at /u01/TEST/testappl/ad/11.5.0/bin/ line 806.

In this article, I try to explain how we can solve this problem for apps  and database tier.

I was applying Oracle Applications Technology ATG_PF.H Rollup 6  patch to our E-Business Suite R11.5.10.2. After apply pre-request patch while I try to run autoconfig on dbtier it was ended wihtout problem. But for application tier, autoconfig through below error message:

[applvis@apps TEST_apps]$ ./

Enter the APPS user password:

The log file for this session is located at: /u01/TEST/testappl/admin/TEST_apps/log/07082111/adconfig.log

AutoConfig is configuring the Applications environment…

AutoConfig will consider the custom templates if present.

Using APPL_TOP location     : /u01/TEST/testappl

Classpath                   : /u01/TEST/testcomn/util/java/1.4/j2sdk1.4.2_04/jre/lib/rt.jar:/u01/TEST/testcomn/util/java/1.4/j2sdk1.4.2_04/lib/dt.jar:/u01/TEST/testcomn/util/java/1.4/j2sdk1.4.2_04/lib/tools.jar:/u01/TEST/testcomn/java/

Can’t locate object method “runPipedCmd” via package “ADX::util::Sysutil” at /u01/TEST/testappl/ad/11.5.0/bin/ line 806.

Log file show this message:

Starting Utility to Report Version Conflicts at Thu Jul 08 21:41:04 EEST 2010

Using version 115.2

All driver files processed.

No version conflict encountered.

I found only one metalink note which is describe similar error for database tier. The Metalink note is:

Autoconfig Errors Out With ‘Error: Context Value Management Failed.Terminate’ on Database Tier [ID 601470.1]

For apps tier, I could not find any related note,. After I made some googling i met Vikram Das blog, he had same issue and he also log a SR for his issue. You can click here for can reach his solution.

His solution doesnt helped me. So I apply to my system lastest autoconfig patch:


It solved my problem.Hope it helps on your issue too.


“Can’t locate object method “runPipedCmd” via package “ADX::util::Sysutil” at /u01/TEST/testappl/ad/11.5.0/bin/ line 806.” için bir cevap

  1. Great blog. Lots of useful information here. I’m wil send it to some friend!

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