Move to Oracle Database 11g Release 2 wiht Mike Dietrich

Yesterday i was in Oracle Event in Istanbul

In seminar, Author Mike Dietrich who works in Oracle- Germany show us  how to make the step to Oracle Database 11g Release 2. (For to can see Mike’s blog please click here )

He also share wiht us; The emphasis is on tips&tricks and common pitfalls, how to upgrade our databases to Oracle Database 11g Release 2 and do all required preparation steps.

We also talk about  Minimal Downtime Upgrade strategies and will put a strong focus on performance evaluation techniques using SQL Plan Management and Real Application Testing’s SQL Performance Analyzer and Database Replay.

Finally some customer cases will be illustrated in the events,

Mainly seminar has below topics:

1. Preparing the Upgrade
Support Policies, Patches, Documentation, Upgrade Paths

2. Database Upgrade
DBUA, Command Line, After the Upgrade, Alternatives, Clusterware and ASM Upgrade

3. News
Parameters, Processes, Changes, Tools, Automatisations, Compression, DBFS
4. Diagnosis and Tuning
AWR, ASH, Object Statistics, Tuning features

5. Performance Evaluation
SQL Plan Management, SQL Performance Analyzer, Database Replay

You can find all upgrade path,way,related documents in the pdf file.

Click here to  download pdf

PS: Please use the keyword (Schluesselwort): upgrade112

PS2: I have already permission from Mike to can share his presentation on my blog


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