How i can apply NLS patch

In this artcile, i will explain how we can add second language to our Oracle E-Business Suite R11-R12

NLS is not software its a patch which mean after you install EBS as you mention only American English avaliable. For instance you are living in turkey and you need to turkish language too for your EBS. So you have to follow:

1. First, donwload related language NLS pack from e-delivery
2. Upload this zip to your EBS server
3. Unzip file and change files permisson to applmgr user (let us say your applmgr user is applprod)
4. Before start NLS be sure your Db character set should support related NLS(In this example Turkish language,dont forget this please
5. Open your Oracle Application Manager screen from EBS than license your Language(here its turkish)from OAM by using:

Oracle Applications Manager >> License Manager >> Languages >> Turkish

6. Login as applmgr user,soruce env file then run adadmin utulity

Choose :

  • 4. Maintain Appl. Database Entities menu


  • 3. Maintain multi-lingual tables

7. While is finished than close your application services, run adadmin and take your system to maintance mode

8. Go to related NLS patch directory and run adpatch utuiliy and start patching
if you need to apply one other NLS (for instance romanian language) you have to follow same steps before apply romanian NLS patch

PS: Please dont forget to Applying Performance Patch for Patching (8576725) before start NLS patches for R12.1.1


Oracle Applications NLS Release Notes, Release 12.1 [ID 788053.1]


“How i can apply NLS patch” için 2 cevap

  1. Hi Helio, Great article!!!!
    I am just about to install german on a instance and my boss is requesting some planning on this change. May you be so kind to indicate times for the steps related below?
    Thanks a lot


    1. Hi;

      Steps are same but I can not estimate hours. For turkish nls its almost 3-5 hours.It depends your hardware also.

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