What is Metalink (My Oracle Support )?

Metalink(My oracle support)  is a service provided by Oracle to customers who want any sort of technical assistance.

What is Metalink?

You can either search the existing knowledge by searching for key words or you can log a specific Technical Sevice Request (SR)

To register a username you would need the CSI number of the customer first. This is generally subscribed by the companies who use Oracle products.

What is CSI number?Why we need it?

For can login metalink, can make downloading(For instance patch or E-Business Suite application and database patch etc.) we need to customer support identifier which is called CSI for can login metalink

If you dont have metalink account there is no way to download patch,can log a SR or reach to related technical documents.

How i can get CSI?

Pretty simple process:

1) You purchase a perpetual or term license from Oracle;
2) At the beginning of the period, during the valid term you purchase
Support for the period (1 year);
3) Oracle sends you the CSI.

Easy to do at http://store.oracle.com armed with a credit card.

For more details please check below references


My Oracle Support Getting Started Guide [ID 735496.5]
My Oracle Support FAQ [ID 747242.5]
My Oracle Support Presentations (Classic MetaLink Retirement & MetaLink3 Upgrades) [ID 867802.1]

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