Log file location for Oracle E-Business Suite R11

Below list of  log file locations could be helpful for your issue:

Before start please notice PROD is my SID

– Start/Stop script log files


You can find below txt in this path:
adadmat.txt adalnctl.txt adcmctl.txt adfmcctl.txt adupdbid.txt
adadmprf.txt adapcctl.txt addisctl.txt adfmsctl.txt adupdlobs.txt

For to can check adstrtal.sh, adstpall.sh  scripts log file, you can use same path.

For those sh, The log file creation sytax is:
dd=`date ‘+%m%d%H%M’`

When you run adstpall.sh it will end like below:

All enabled services on this node are stopped.
Check logfile /xxx/SIDcomn/admin/log/SID_HOSTNAME/08051007.log for details

– Apache, Jserv, JVM log files


– Concurrent log file:


– Patch log file:


– Worker Log:


– Autoconfig log:





– Error log:



Db tarafında:


– Alert Log File:

– Trace file:



Oracle® Application Server Quick Administration Guide 10g Release 2 (10.1.2)

Oracle Applications System Administrator’s Guide


“Log file location for Oracle E-Business Suite R11” için 6 cevap

  1. Hi,

    Thanks for the notes above. It can serve as note index notes whenever I am looking for log files :). Can you separate log for 11i and R12?

    And also please put some notes of How to setup PCP 🙂

    Thanks a lot and

    God Bless,


    1. Hi Jen;
      Thanks for kind words. Please check my “Log file location for Oracle E-Business Suite R12” post in FAQ – E-Business Suite General

      PCP setup will be avaliable soon.

  2. Greek salad recipe…

    Log file location for Oracle E-Business Suite R11 « Helios's Blog…

  3. Hi ,

    Regarding the Concurrent logfile location ,

    should it not be $APPLCSF/$APPLLOG ?


    1. Yes you are correct.The Log File Log files are stored under $APPLCSF/$APPLLOG.I already mention same point in my post my friend

      1. Sir ,

        With all due respect , just to bring to your kind notice that in the post that you have given above , the location mentioned is $APPLOG/$APPLCSF and not $APPLCSF/$APPLOG.

        Thank You.


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