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It is easy for all to make 1 row update or 1000 row update in database. Kust write code than wait some second and finally get xxx row updated.

It seems very easy right? But Let us see what happen when you update some rows at database.

I assume that We are updating or selecting data from one table in oracle database.

Let us see what is happening internally?

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In daily IT process, There are many possible causes of a block corruption including:

– Bad IO hardware / firmware
– OS problems
– Oracle problems
– Recovering through “UNRECOVERABLE” or “NOLOGGING” database actions (in which case ORA-01578&ORA-01110 is expected behavior)

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I face with that error message while I tried to drop column on my compressed tables which in exists in my Exadata.

Bad news is, there is no solution in 10g release. But there are some workaround options available for can pass this error.

What are those options? These are:

  • Upgrade your db to 11gR2
  • Can keep unused columns on tables
  • You may recreate table
  • Do not to use compress options

For 11g and forward database version, you can follow my demo:

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Most of us face with similar issue on our SQL which are running on our databases. Sometimes some SQL could choose different plan and performance goes to worst. Normally with correct plan SQL took 5 min, but with wrong plan choose it took 20 minutes. In this article I am trying to explain how we can set execution plan for sql. Before start I can say there are some problem on 10g level such as even We set plan ,sql could use different plan. We have been opened SR for this issue and finally Support suggest us to use MOS 445126.1 for 10g. You can try below steps for 11g and also 10g .

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I got email from our OEM such as ” PROD EM Event: Critical:XXXDG – The database status is UNKNOWN.”

This standby db is belong to of our RAC database which is running on AIX 7.1.

While I checked node 1&2 alert log, there are some message such as:

ARC0: Archive log rejected (thread 1 sequence 5253) at host ‘(DESCRIPTION=(ADDRESS=(PROTOCOL=tcp)(HOST=myhost)(PORT=1527))(CONNECT_DATA=(SERVICE_NAME=xxxDG)(SERVER=DEDICATED)))’
FAL[server, ARC0]: FAL archive failed, see trace file.
ARCH: FAL archive failed. Archiver continuing
ORACLE Instance XXX – Archival Error. Archiver continuing.
Error 1033 received logging on to the standby
PING[ARC2]: Heartbeat failed to connect to standby ‘(DESCRIPTION=(ADDRESS=(PROTOCOL=tcp)(HOST=myhost)(PORT=1527))(CONNECT_DATA=(SERVICE_NAME=xxxDG)(SERVER=DEDICATED)))’. Error is 1033.

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Some of our developers run their code on Our database. While they are running the code, they are hitting ORA-29538&ORA-06512 errors.

Here is the complete error messages:

ORA-29538:Java not installed
ORA-06512:at_konum “XXX.UNZIPPER_PKG”, line 2
ORA-06512:at “XXX.UNZIPPER_PKG”, line 12
ORA-06512:at “XXX.UNZIP”, line 4

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As a DBA, We are using export/import utility many times during our daily process.
I have face this error trying to import only one table from full export.

Error message is

ORA-39002: invalid operation
ORA-39166: Object USER1.TABLE was not found.

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While you are trying to open alert_SID.log file or some other large files with vi editor you may hit ex: 0602-101 Out of memory saving lines for undo  error message,

# cd /u01/app/oracle/admin/DB_NAME/bdump
# vi alert_SID.log
ex: 0602-101 Out of memory saving lines for undo.

So you can use below syntax to can set EXINIT value,then you can retry to open your alert.log  file.

export EXINIT=”set ll=80000000″

Hints and tips when using vi on AIX

I faced with ORA-19606 error on database. I am using below rman script to take full backup for my database.

Here is my script:

rman target  /

ALLOCATE CHANNEL C1 device type ‘sbt_tape’ ;
ALLOCATE CHANNEL C2 device type ‘sbt_tape’ ;
backup database plus archivelog delete input format= ‘DB_SID_DB_%d_%t_%s_%p’;
backup archivelog all delete input FORMAT= ‘DB_ARC_%d_%t_%s_%p’;
delete force noprompt obsolete;

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I faced with that error on r12.1.3 EBS system. My db version is 11.2&2 node RAC system.

My first node is goes down by below errors:

opiodr aborting process unknown ospid (11075852) as a result of ORA-28
LMON (ospid: 63767522) detects hung instances during IMR reconfiguration
LMON (ospid: 63767522) tries to kill the instance 2. 
Please check instance 2’s alert log and LMON trace file for more details.
Tue Mar 19 10:58:36 2020
USER (ospid: 32900426): terminating the instance due to error 481
Tue Mar 19 10:58:36 2020
Errors in file /oracle11g/PROD00/db/diag/rdbms/PROD00/PROD001/trace/PROD001_lmon_63767522.trc:
ORA-29702: error occurred in Cluster Group Service operation
System state dump is made for local instance
System State dumped to trace file /oracle11g/PROD00/db/diag/rdbms/PROD00/PROD001/trace/PROD001_diag_9373174.trc
Instance terminated by USER, pid = 32900426

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