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I faced with this error message on our 11g 2 Node  RAC database.

We have been enabled block change tracking to can take Inceremental backup. After this,  Instance 2 has been  reebot from our 2 node RAC system with ORA-00600: internal error code, arguments: [krccaub_2], [505], [40], [], [], [], [], [], [], [], [], [] error!

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I faced with that error on two node RAC on AIX system with ASM. One of our instance reboot itself and database alert.log mention below errors:

 ORA-00600: internal error code, arguments: [kjbrref:pkey], [2630360], [481], [1113572], [0], [], [], [], [], [], [], []
 Incident details in: lms3_3211996_i4178879.trc
 Fri Feb 17 21:10:14 2019
 Trace dumping is performing id=[cdmp_20120217211014]
 Fri Feb 17 21:10:17 2019
 Sweep [inc][4178879]: completed
 Sweep [inc2][4178879]: completed

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We need to move one or more datafile from our tablespace to one location to another because of the disk space issue.

In this post, I try to explain how We can achieve this process with CP command of asmcmd utility via a demo

The database version is –>

The Operating System is –> Linux 6

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You may need to require to relink oracle binaries because of some number of our cases and also We may need to do it because of the solution given by Oracle support.

The following method will relink the Oracle executables.

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Lots of EBS users ask the same question in the OTN forum: How we can Monitor our EBS’s System Health.

Actually, this question already answered in Steven Chan blog, for details please click here

In this post, I want to share some useful articles which cover  EBS’s System Health.

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I face “OPatch failed with error code 73 error” on my E-Business Suite R12.1.2 on RAC database with ASM

I wanted to apply a patch to my system. I started to check “opatch lsinventory “command on node 1 and no issue but on node 2 I faced OPatch failed with error code 73 error while running “opatch lsinventory”. Here are the details

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In this post, I am going to try to explain How you can Remove or Deinstall Grid Infrastructure from your server.

I have grid Infrastructure with database on the AIX 6.1 operating system.

Here are my steps:

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If you want to use some different reports such as AWR; ASH etc. you may prefer to use the statspack report in Oracle Database.

STATSPACK is a performance diagnosis tool, available since Oracle8i. STATSPACK can be considered BSTAT/ESTAT’s successor, incorporating many new features. STATSPACK is a diagnosis tool for instance-wide performance problems; it also supports application tuning activities by providing data which identifies high-load SQL statements. STATSPACK can be used both proactively to monitor the changing load on a system, and also reactively to investigate a performance problem.

Here are some notes which you can get details about the Statspack report.

How to Identify Resource Intensive SQL for Tuning  Doc ID:232443.1
FAQ- Statspack Complete Reference  Doc ID:94224.1
TROUBLESHOOTING: Possible Causes of Poor SQL Performance    Doc ID:    33089.1

Installing and Configuring StatsPack Package [ID 149113.1]
FAQ- Statspack Complete Reference [ID 94224.1]
Creating a StatsPack performance report [ID 149124.1]
How To Understand AWR Report / Statspack Report [ID 842884.1]
What is StatsPack and where are the READMEs? [ID 149115.1]
Systemwide Tuning using STATSPACK Reports [ID 228913.1]
Oracle Applications and StatsPack [ID 153507.1]
Oracle9i Database Performance Tuning Guide and Reference-Using statspack
How to Identify Resource Intensive SQL for Tuning  Doc ID:232443.1
TROUBLESHOOTING: Possible Causes of Poor SQL Performance Doc ID:33089.1


I faced those errors during startup of my database. Db version is and cluster version is 18c

The complete error message is

[USER(4431)]CRS-2317: Fatal error: cannot get local GPnP security keys (wallet).
2019-03-29 21:50:12.876
[USER(4431)]CRS-2316:Fatal error: cannot initialize GPnP, CLSGPNP_ERR (Generic GPnP error).
kggpnpInit: failed to init gpnp
WARNING: No cluster interconnect has been specified. Depending on
the communication driver configured Oracle cluster traffic
may be directed to the public interface of this machine.
Oracle recommends that RAC clustered databases be configured
with a private interconnect for enhanced security and

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