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The “” can be used to scan new LUNs in a CentOS/RHEL machine.

When ‘ -i’ is run, script execute as well a LIP_RESET (ISSUE_LIP) which may cause a disruption in I/O on the server and even cause an outage in case of a system running on heavy load.

Redhat says this type of scan can be distributive,since it can cause delays while I/O operation timeout and remove devices unexpectedly from OS.

So perform this scan when really you want to scan the disks and LUNS.

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In this post I want to share my pdf file which covers step by step Disk preparation for Grid Installation on VMware Workstation

You may need to add and format related disks for ASM setup

Please click download button to can download step by step document.

I was hit that missing package messahe while installing Grid Infrastructure software on standalone installation. You may face an error on prerequest check steps which says that package cvuqdisk is required to be installed before Grid Infrastructure installation.

You have 2 options in that steps

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I was try to re-configuring a cluster in the Cloud Control and in one of the steps is to configure access to the ASM part.

For This part is used by the asmsnmp user, which is the one that must be configured. I did not know the password of this user.

So I need to change it with new one.

To make this, We have two options. Those option can be use Oracle 12c to 20c.

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In this post We will see how to check CRS related info and also how to stop/start RAC components.

Here is the my system details:

My db version :
My Operating System : Linux 7
My servers hostname : node1-node2
My database name : ORCL01
My instance name : ORCL011-ORCL012

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In this post, I want to share Switchover process on Dataguard Setup.

Primary Db version is 12c( 2 node RAC)
Standby db is standalone

Operation system is Linux

Here is the steps:

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I face with this error while making 2 node RAC installation on AIX. My Db version is
I can run on node 1 without any issue. But on node 2 shows this message:

Adding Clusterware entries to inittab
CRS-4402: The CSS daemon was started in exclusive mode but found an active CSS daemon on node Node1, number 1, and is terminating
An active cluster was found during exclusive start-up, restarting to join the cluster
Configure Oracle Grid Infrastructure for a Cluster … succeeded

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I faced with that error during Oracle software installation on 19c Grid software installation on linux 7. Complete error message is:

Database Clusterware Version Compatibility – This test ensures that the Database version is compatible with the CRS version.  Error:
PRVF-4037 : CRS is not installed on any of the nodes  – Cause:  Could not identify a CRS installation on any node.  – Action:  Ensure that CRS is installed on all the nodes participating in the operation.

Operation Failed on Nodes: [node2  node1]
Verification result of failed node: node2

So how I can handle this? Its simple, run installer command as below

runInstaller -ignorePrereq

You may hit this error during RAC installation. That can be ignore or can be fix. It depends on you

Error message is:

Network Time Protocol (NTP) – This task verifies cluster time synchronization on clusters that use Network Time Protocol (NTP).
Check Failed on Nodes: [node1] Check Succeeded On Nodes: [node2]
Verification result of failed node: node1 Details:
PRVG-13602 : NTP daemon is not synchronized with any external time source on node “node1″.  – Cause:  The output of the command ”ntpq -pn” executed on the indicated node did not list any external NTP daemon synchronization time source. The values of the tally code and ”refid” columns in the command output reported that the NTP daemon is either not synchronized with any time source or it is synchronized with a locally connected reference clock.  – Action:  Examine the output of the command ”ntpq -pn”. Modify the NTP configuration to use one or more appropriate external time sources, or correct any problems accessing the currently configured external time sources. Rerun the command ”ntpq -pn” to confirm that the NTP daemon running on the indicated node is now synchronized with at least one external time source, and then retry the operation.

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I faced with that error message during 19C RAC installation during running

/ stage -pre crsinst -n rac1,rac2  -orainv oinstall  -osdba dba -verbose

Error :

PRVE-10077 : NOZEROCONF parameter was not specified or was not set to ‘yes’ in file “/etc/sysconfig/network” on node

Check for zeroconf check failed

Pre-check for cluster services setup was unsuccessful on all the nodes.

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