I have 2 node RAC system on AIX 6.1. Due to do security issue We can not get root password. Sometimes We need to close CRS by using crsctl stop crs. To can achieve run this command We need to have root privilage user or root user password.

We has been made request to can get related SUDO right for our oracle user(Owner of CRShome and DBhome).

Unix team has been made request which paths or files should be access by oracle user with SUDO right to can stop and start crs.

We have been opened  Sr for our issue. Here is the answer:

Access to $GI_HOME/bin should be sufficient.

Note: if there are any issues to be reported about the Clusterware , such as startup, crs stop issues, that you need to be using root directly for supportability / diagnosis of that issue.


In future if you going for upgrade, make sure that, rootupgrade.sh is executed as real root user – not through sudo

Referance: Things to Consider Before Upgrading to Grid Infrastructure/ASM (Doc ID 1363369.1)

After to Unix team works, We could  stop/start CRS without any issue. Critical thing in here to do not forget to use root user  for upgrade process.